William R. Baxter House

1885 Victorian

1885 Victorian, the William R. Baxter House, 149 N. Magnolia, Monrovia This house was built in 1885 before the founding of Monrovia.

About William R Baxter:

William A. Baxter moved to Monrovia from the east as an unmarried young man because he had tuberculosis. He originally started living at a house where the Zook Mortuary is. And operated a Livery where Historic Lighting is at 114 E. Lemon.

Mr. Baxter built 149 N. Magnolia because he got married. The original lot size was 132 x 207. As the family grew he built 172 N. Primrose where they lived for 2 years and then moved to Paso Robles for the rest of his life. When he died, William A. Baxter was brought back to Monrovia and is buried in Live Oak Park.

The information about William R. Baxter was obtained from my March 8, 2007 interview of Monrovia City Historian & Treasurer Steve Baker.

About the Rehab:

Brad Palfrey and I bought this house from an owner who grew up in the house. The family had owned this and 5 adjacent lots since the 1940’s. We split off the 2 houses to the north that were built in 1952. The house was a major renovation that involved: new electrical & plumbing, a new kitchen & bath, a new foundation, duplication of the period moldings as well as removal of the normal many layers of paint and new yard irrigation and landscaping.

The split from the 1952 structures required construction of a 2 car garage that fit the 1885 architecture. 17 year old Alyssa Christensen, a high school senior from Redding, California designed the garage and is pictured here with her drawings. To show what a great job Alyssa did, her drawings passed the Monrovia Planning and Building Departments the first time with no additions or corrections.

The 1952 structures were fitted with all new copper plumbing, electrical including telephone and high speed cable, central heat & air, new kitchens and baths, new yard irrigation and landscaping.


1885 Victorian During Construction

1952 Home During Construction