North Monrovia, Bungalows

This property is known as Harding Court and consists of 15 bungalows. It is designated as Historic Landmark #58 and a featured stop on the 2004 Monrovia Mothers Day Tour.

The bungalows were built by Sherman J. Mc Queen who named his project after President Harding who was inaugurated in 1921 the year construction began. The property had been severely neglected for at least 50 years. The rehab included: electrical wiring, copper plumbing, central heat & air, cabinets, new kitchens, refinishing the clear white oak hardwood floors, restoration of 13 fireplaces, restoration of the period door hardware and foundation bolting. The exterior involved modification of the monument sign, concrete walkways, over 150 tons of hand mixed concrete used for 14 new front porches and steps, landscaping, courtyard lighting and a 26 station sprinkler system that consisting of over 1 mile of pipe and 240 specialized irrigation heads. My partners for this property, Brad and Valerie Palfrey and I were fortunate enough to acquire a copy of the original 6-page brochure and 2 vintage post cards of the property to help with the restoration.