Contemporary, Pasadena circa 1924

It took 29 dump truck loads to clean out this house, garage and yard. The house was piled 3 to 4 feet high with belongings and had not been cleaned for many years. In a couple of photos you can see cobwebs full of thousands of dead flies. When we finally cleared out the hall we found the hardwood floor and much of the sub floor were rotted away. When I asked the seller what happened she explained the toilet had never worked quite right and had overflowed running through the hall and down the floor furnace for much of the previous 29 years. Needless to say we removed the remaining sub floor, furnace and substantial soil in the sub area. The property had been neglected for 30 years. The rehab included: electrical wiring, copper plumbing, central heat & air, cabinets, hardwood floor refinishing, restored authentic period hardware, retrofit foundation bolting and pier bracing, driveway and sprinkler system.