North Monrovia Craftsman

1925 Craftsman

North Monrovia Craftsman and 4 Rental Units. Purchased in 1998 this single family craftsman home with four apartment units behind it was on the market for over six months due to the poor condition of the property. Once purchased we needed four 40 yard dumpsters just to clean up the property. We immediately started the rehab on the craftsman home which was home to over 100 indoor cats at the close of escrow. The entire house was in extremely poor condition and required us to not only remove sub flooring to remove the cat smell but also floor joists and plaster on the walls up to four feet off the floor due to the smell. Both bathrooms and the kitchen have all new appliances and cabinets. Fortunately we were able to restore the crown molding, living room and dining room built-ins. After completing the main house we have restored all the exterior including the landscaping and exteriors of all the apartments.

Phase two of the restoration included restoring each of the apartments. All apartments have new kitchens with period tile, new bathrooms and all the hardwood floors have either been restored or replaced depending on their condition. New roofs were installed on two of the buildings and new fencing and a further enhancement of the landscaping has been completed.

This property which was once the eye sore of the neighborhood is now one of the more desirable properties on the block.