1927 Model T Ford Fordor Serial #14554935 Lic #6JRP348

Built November 1926

I bought this Fordor in August 2010 from Eric Gator Gould of Monroeville, Alabama. The car was restored by a man in Peru Indiana and purchased by Bob Smith of Huntington, Indiana. George Roberts, a retired machinist for the Fort Wayne Newspapers purchased the car in 1991. He wrote me, “as cars became harder and harder to work on I wanted something I could repair”. He did all the repair work for the 18 years he owned it. In 2008 George Roberts didn’t have room for the car at Heritage Pointe Retirement Center and sold the car to Eric Gould. Eric drove the car 100 miles in the middle of the night to the Model T Ford Centennial T Party in Centerville, Indiana. A couple days later Eric drove the car home over 800 miles to Monroeville, Alabama.