Canopy Express vehicles were popular from the late 1920’s through 1955. They were mostly used to for neighborhood fruit & vegetable vending routes. My 1954 Chevrolet was an exception and originally purchased by the University of Arizona for use as the Tuscon campus plumbing repair truck. I purchased it from David Silver who lived around the corner from the campus. He stated he had never started the engine and the license was 1972 so I tend to believe the odometer to reflect the correct mileage of 91,600. After washing several pounds of desert dirt out of the vehicle, I cleaned the gas tank, changed the oil, belts and hoses, serviced the brakes and started the engine. She runs like a million bucks. I have recovered the seats, built produce racks and added a rear scale. Sometimes people ask me what color I am going to paint one of these great survivor vehicles. The answer is unless a body is so bad I have to weld in a bunch of patch panels, I am not going to paint it. They are worth much more in totally original condition.