1954 GMC Pickup Truck, VIN # 1024CZ1163, ENGINE #E248203368 (248 cubic inches), CALIFORNIA LIC #567827P

This original GMC pickup truck is the result of spending too much time on the internet (where I located it). According to my research 162 of these vehicles were made in 1954 in the Oakland, California plant, and this truck was first registered in California. It still has an Automobile Club of Southern California decal in the back window from the mid 1950’s. By the time I came along it was in Milford, New Hampshire. I traced the title from the original owner who moved and registered the truck in Chelmsford, Massachusetts September 21, 1985 with 77,554 miles on the paperwork, through 3 more owners to when I bought the truck January 28, 2004 with 93,053 miles.



Patrick Canney, the man I bought the truck from, had changed the wheels and tires (the original wheels were in the bed of the truck when it arrived) but aside from that, the truck is 100% original. I did a valve job and changed the: rings, pistons (the wrist pins were horrible), and rod bearings. I also changed the differential gears to 3.55 : 1. The truck had original farm gears that were probably 6.00 : 1 and would not go over 35 miles per hour. Its amazing no one ever changed the differential ratio but this makes me believe the 93,053 miles on the odometer. I use this truck to move supplies and equipment to my rentals and property renovations.