2009 Model T Ford Tours

Model T touring is all about the journey not the destination. Slowly driving back and side roads is a wonderful way to see the countryside and meet lots of interesting people. Pulling up in a 80 – 100 year old car starts all kinds of interesting conversations and introductions. Many times we step back in time with old timers while they tell us stories about their families and Model T’s from the old days.


May Southern Colorado & Northern New Mexico
1,000 miles

June Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
200 miles

July Manhatten, NY to Seattle, Washington
4,450 miles

August Seattle, Washington to Howard, Colorado
2,350 miles

September Howard, Colorado to West Yellowstone, Montana 2,500

Total Days: 70
Total: 10.500 miles

20 States:

California, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

Commonly asked questions:

1) Did you drive all the way from California?

2) Where is the car show? (Right here, right now)

3) How fast do you drive? (We average 25 – 35. Without front brakes
it’s not about how fast we can go but how fast can we stop)

4) What is the gas milage? (15 – 18. They have not made a lot of
progress in this area over 100 years)

5) Are you the original owner? (Do I really look that bad?)


Trinidad Colorado to Durango Colorado (Loop):
(Springtime in the Rockies Tour)

Trinidad, Colorado
Taos, New Mexico
Durango, Colorado
Alamosa, Colorado


Ferrum, Virginia:
Ferrum, Virginia local driving
Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia


Manhattan New York to Seattle Washington:
(2009 Ocean to Ocean Model T Ford Endurance Run)

In 1909 an automobile race was sponsored by millionaire Robert Guggenheim to: 1) promote automobiling and 2) promote the 1909 ALASKA – YUKON – PACIFIC EXPOSITION in Seattle, Washington. The exposition started simultaneously on June 1 with the 1909 race. Five automobiles participated in the race from Manhattan New York to Seattle, 2 Model T Fords, a Shawmut, an Acme and an
Italia. Ford #2 driven by Bert Scott won the 1909 race being the first automobile to enter Seattle on June 22, 1909. This victory contributed to the early success of Henry Ford’s Model T, of which 15,007,033 were eventually manufactured between October 1, 1908 and May 31, 1927.

In 1909 there were only 144 miles of paved road in the United States. In many places where there were no roads the cars drove on railroad right a ways and used railroad bridges to cross rivers where there weren’t ferry boats. There were originally over 300 cars that signed up for the 1909 race but when they figured out how tough it was going to be all but 5 dropped out.

This is a brief account of the 2009 Ocean to Ocean Endurance Run which traced the original route as much as possible and took place June 13 – July 12, 1909. 55 Model T Fords participated one representing each state plus Great Brittan, South Africa, Canada and Sweden. None of us had seen so many breakdowns on a tour. We lost count but I believe at least 7 engines (4 for replacement) and 7 two speed rear axils were removed for repair.



White Plains, New York

West Point, New York 83 miles

New Hartford, New York 220 miles

Hamburg, New York 232 miles

Crossed through Pennsylvania

Streetsboro, (Cleveland) Ohio 199 miles

Dearborn, Michigan 195 miles

South Bend, Indiana 193 miles

Bloomington, Illinois 221 miles

Hannibal, Missouri 193 miles

Olathe (Kansas City), Kansas 241 miles

Abilene, Kansas 166 miles

Goodland, Kansas 262 miles

Crossed through Nebraska

Fort Collins, Colorado 264 miles

Rawlins, Wyoming 181 miles

Rock Springs, Wyoming 228 mines

Montpelier, Idaho 160 miles

Pocatello, Idaho 165 miles

Twin Falls, Idaho 189 miles

Ontario, Oregon 203 miles

Pendleton, Oregon 234 miles

Yakima, Washington 149 miles

Snoqualmie Pass, Washington 170 miles

Total Official Miles 3,856 miles
Estimated Actual miles 4,450 miles


Seattle, Washington to Howard, Colorado:
Seaside, WA
Newport, OR
Arcatia, CA
Redding, CA
Eli, NV
Salina, UT
Montecillo UT via Torrey & Fruita Ouray via Durango & Silverton CO
Salida via Howard CO


Howard, Colorado to West Yellowstone, Montana (Loop):
(Wild West Tour)

Kremmling, CO
Medicine Bow, WY Virginian Hotel
Riverton, WY
Buffalo, WY
Cody WY
West Yellowstone MT
Alpine WY
Green River WY
Meeker CO
Hotchkiss CO